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SOURCE Boston 2014: Proof Heartbleed is a Big Deal

Akamai CSO Andy Ellis wrote about how we're protecting customers from the much-publicized Heartbleed vulnerability OpenSSL fixed in an update Monday. At SOURCE Boston 2014, there's plenty of personal proof that this bug is a big deal. You could say it ruined the first day of the conference for some.
People go to conferences to attend educational talks, network and connect with industry peers. The expectation is always that it will be a break in the work routine. But thanks to Heartbleed, more than a few people had to find a quiet corner and plunge into crisis management.

I spent much of the day helping to coordinate Akamai's response. A friend from another company sat at a table across the room looking back and forth between his laptop and phone.

There was a lot more of that going on.

Despite our expectations, the reality is that conferences are never a break from the work. There's always something happening back at the office for many a security professional, which means hours spent troubleshooting from the hotel room.

Heartbleed is just the latest example.

But unlike the usual firefighting, this was a rare case of many people from different companies being sidelined by the same problem at the same time.

Will today be calmer?

We're about to find out.