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One of the most interesting aspects of working at Akamai is the sheer volume of opportunities within the company. Since I started here in my own role last July I have had no end of interesting challenges that have managed to keep me thoroughly engaged. Akamai is a company that allows you to grow and never has a shortage of amazing projects to work on. 

This sort of excellent working environment invariably brings forward the question, "How do I get a job at Akamai?" Well, I'm happy that you asked. In fact we have extensive job listings on our careers page. In point of fact we currently have four open positions right now for our Information Security team. Take your career faster forward where your only limitation is your own imagination. Check out these job descriptions. 

Adversarial Resilience - Summer Internship Job - InfoSec's Adversarial Resilience team is looking for a summer intern to help us attack our own systems. You'll be learning the fundamentals of Denial of Service attacks by building and testing new attack tools -- we have a few promising avenues lined up to get you started. You'll then analyze their effects by running them on real software and real machines on our globe-spanning content delivery network. You'll be helping our team of architects and security researchers understand how our own systems operate, and you'll be part of the process for deciding how we can improve. Be on the cutting edge of distributed systems design as part of a small team of highly talented individuals making the Internet-connected world safer, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Program Manager II Job - As a program manager, you will help oversee Akamai's routine security compliance. You will work with teams across the company to ensure that we are compliant with the standards we maintain, including both practice and documentation. You will also work with third-party vendors, customers, and auditors in order to prepare audits, facilitate audits and shepherd issues to resolution. You will also handle daily operational items, like tracking the emergence and remediation of security vulnerabilities and authenticator rotations.

Senior Manager - Enterprise Security Job - Can you think like an adversary without acting like one? We are looking for a seasoned leader with a love of technology and with a history of accomplishments as a security practitioner. As Senior Manager of Enterprise Security, you will lead a distributed team of Engineers and Analysts and will participate in a cross-functional architecture team. You will work closely with application owners, developers, business managers, security engineers and other technologists across the enterprise, and will collaborate with members of Akamai's InfoSec team.

Adversarial Resilience Architect Job - Do you want to shape the future of security of the Internet? Can you analyze a system at different levels of abstraction and spot the flaws? Do you have the hacker mindset? Come join the Adversarial Resilience team as a Security Architect in our Ft. Lauderdale office. This is not a job about configuring packet filters or applying vendor patches. You will be helping shape how hundreds of engineers think about writing secure software. You will be leading security reviews and vulnerability analysis of web-scale systems, with particular attention to Akamai's security products. You will be exposed to new technologies and ideas and be expected to learn them quickly - and then be able to teach them to others. You will find your ideas challenged and have to defend them with sound logic and evidence - and have the pleasure of working with others held to the same standards. Be part of a team of dedicated security experts who work to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

This is the best job I've ever had. Check out the postings and maybe you too can work here.