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Meta Cognition & Critical Thinking in Open Source Intel

Akamai InfoSec Program Manager Benjamin Brown will give a talk at two upcoming events called "Meta Cognition and Critical Thinking in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)."
The first appearance will be March 19, 6:30 p.m. at the monthly meeting of OWASP Rhode Island, which is led by Akamai CSIRT Program Manager Patrick Laverty. The second appearance will be at HackMiami the weekend of May 10-11.

Talk details:

When gathering open source data and transforming it into actionable intelligence, it is critical to recognize that humans are not objective observers. 

Conscious and unconscious assumptions drive analysts' choices about which data to analyze and how much importance to ascribe to each resource. Furthermore, analysts' personal conceptual frameworks about reality and how the world works can undermine the process of objectively translating data into intelligence. 

These implicit assumptions, otherwise known as cognitive biases, can lead to missed data, skewed intelligence, illogical conclusions, and poor decision making. 

In this presentation Ben will illustrate cognitive biases relevant to OSINT and what can be done about them.

His talk is just one of several that will be given by the talented folks from Akamai's various security teams. Keep track of upcoming talks in the calendar section of our new security section.

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