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Security Conference Locators

We're often asked where people should go to find out about security conferences scheduled for the coming year. It's a question I've had as well, and during a recent project to prioritize which events Akamai staff should attend and how much free stuff to give out in our travels, I managed to find some good resources.

Let's start with the Concise Courses Security Blog, where Henry Dalziel has created one of the most comprehensive lists I've ever seen. Events are organized by month, and each listing includes a link to the full conference site. It's pretty awesome. Check it out here.

Also see:

The (ISC)2 site has a good events page. Most of the listings are for their events, but other big events are sprinkled throughout. Check it out here.

My former employer, CSOonline, runs a comprehensive series of events each year. Those activities are mapped out quite nicely here.

UBM, owner of publications like Dark Reading and events such as Black Hat, has a comprehensive list of events on its site, though you have to dig a little harder for the security content, as the section is devoted to all UBM events.

Security B-Sides has grown so much in the last four years that it's become a challenge keeping up with every city holding an event. Fortunately, organizers keep track of everything here, and it's updated regularly.

The SANS Institute is a prolific producer of events as well. This page runs you through them all.

I'll continue to update this post as I find more resources. If you know of any worth sharing, inbox me at wbrenner@akamai.com.