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RSAC/BSidesSF 2014: Ask About Our New Security Section!

Today is the day I've been planning for since starting at Akamai in June: The launch of a new Akamai.com security section. Please check it out and give me feedback.

The goal is to give you a place to delve deep into Akamai's security efforts, from the products we offer our customers to the procedures we use to keep our own systems secure. There will be articles, slideshows, videos, podcasts and blogging. But this is about more than promoting Akamai. It's also about:

  1. Making it easier for customers to access documentation and raw research pertaining to our compliance efforts and the threats we track 24-7
  2. Being a voice in the wider security community. Through blogging and other content, we'll have our say on the bigger, ongoing trends that affect far more than Akamai. Our blogging from RSA and B-Sides San Francisco this week is an example of that.
Though today is the section's official coming out -- we wanted to use RSA and B-Sides as a launching pad -- what you see now is not all you will get. 

Now that it's launched, we will aggressively ramp up production of fresh content. The number of freshly-public Akamai compliance documents will grow steadily, and with the addition of Prolexic, the security research section will fill up with new material fast.

We'll also make design adjustments along the way.

We hope you find it useful!