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RSAC: Video Updates Worth Watching

Each year at RSA Conference 2014, I team up with David Spark, founder of Spark Media Solutions. Specifically, he creates a bunch of clever, high-quality videos from the showroom floor and then I share them. So far, he has sent me four videos done for Ziff-Davis. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Full conference primer/preview

What are people hiring in security looking for?
It's not really skills. It's about attitude and competence. 

Ongoing issue of business and security working together
The way security wins is by aligning themselves with the business.

Report: Security staff and skills shortage
Drastic research about need for security talent and head count.

Proposals to defend the data
Theory of data-centric security: Good idea, really difficult to pull off.

Living below the security poverty line
What happens when you don't have the talent or money to maintain adequate security?

How do you secure data when it's everywhere?
Consumerization of IT has allowed data to go anywhere.
Possible solutions to protect it?
SDP - Software Defined Perimeter from the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance).
SDDC - Software Defined Datacenter from VMware.

Innovation Sandbox
Showcase of 10 hot new security startups.
Defense.net - DDoS Denied.
Co3Systems - Build the world's first incident response platform.
Bluebox Security - Securing mobile data wherever it goes.

Should security professionals practice cyber vigilantism?
Many arguments both for and against.

Episode 3:
Why aren't we more outraged about cybercrime?
Our response is not matching the crime. Why is that?

Cryptographers' panel
Surprise, it was really confusing.

Washington's view of the revelation of the NSA surveillance
Hypocrisy, disconnects between policy makers and the intelligence community, and how do we avoid a police state?

Gamifying security awareness
Getting people to learn about security through volunteer participation and goal setting.

Diablo Security: What can infosec learn from video games?
The structure of adventure based video games are a great paradigm for how we must think, train, and act on security.