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MIT's 2014 STAMP/STPA Workshop and Conference

This is the first of what will be several posts on MIT's 2014 STAMP Conference. Staff from Akamai InfoSec will participate in this event, which makes perfect sense given our close ties and history with MIT.


Some background:

STAMP (Systems-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes) is an accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking described in the book "Engineering a Safer World" by MIT Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Nancy Leveson. STAMP/STPA focuses on control problems and it is designed to identify hazards that develop due to unsafe and unintended interactions among the system components without component failures. (For more information, visit this page.)

The conference takes place March 25-27 at MIT. Here's the full agenda:

Location(s): TBA
8:30-8:45Welcome and Instructions
8:45-10:00Introduction to STAMP, STPA, and CAST (Leveson)Experienced Users Meeting (adoption challenges, research needs, shared experiences, etc.)
10:15-12:00STPA Tutorial and Exercises (Thomas)CAST Tutorial and Exercises (TBD)Security Tutorial and Exercises (Young)Experienced Users Meeting (Topics TBD)
12:00-1:30Bag Lunch - Birds of a Feather Sessions
1:30-3:00STPA Tutorial and Exercises (Thomas)CAST Tutorial and Exercises (TBD)Security Breakout
Presentations, Panels, Discussion
(Young, Stone, Williams)
Experienced Users Meeting (Topics TBD)
3:15-3:45Niels Smit, Dutch Safety Agency, Using CAST in a Dutch Accident Investigation
3:45-4:15John Thomas and Seth Placke, MIT, Analyzing Feature Interaction in Automobiles
4:15-4:45William Fletcher, Rolls Royce, Use of STPA on Rolls Royce Aircraft Engines
4:45-5:15William Young, MIT and USAF, STPA-Sec for Cyber Security/Mission Assurance
Dinner Location: TBA
5:30-9:00Dinner buffet Tool Demos Poster session,
Yasuhiko Kawabe, Naoki Morishita, Chunyao Chuang, Variance/Nissan, Application of STAMP/STPA to Safety Risk Analysis of a Real Manufacturing System;

David Rose, Sandia Labs, Applying STPA to a Battery Energy Storage System;

Marv Dainoff, Liberty Mutual,

Others TBA

Day 2 - 26 March 2014

Location: TBA
Human Factors and STPA
8:30-9:00Berry and Sawyer, Fort Hill Group, Extended Human Factors STPA Applied to NextGen
9:00-9:30Hoshino Nobuyuki, JAMSS (Japanese Manned Space Systems), Adding Human Factors to STPA
9:30-10:00Cameron Thornberry, USN and MIT, Integrating Human  Factors into STPA
10:15-10:45Michael Hurley, BAE, Applying CAST to Behavior-Related Product Safety Accidents
10:45-11:15Padma Sundaram, GM, GM-MIT Research on STPA
11:15-11:45Jintao Liu, Beijing Jiaotong University, Using STAMP on Train Control Systems
11:45-12:15Cody Fleming, MIT, STPA Analysis of Interval Management in NextGen
1:30-2:00Asim Adhulkhaleq and Stefan Wagner, Univ. of Stuttgart, Tool Support for STPA
2:00-2:30Qi Hommes, Volpe National Transportation Research Center,The Volpe STPA Tool
2:30-3:00Dajiang Suo, MIT, An STPA Tool
3:15-3:45David Allsop, Boeing, The Use of STAMP in Aircraft Evaluation and Test
3:45-4:15Dave Holley, BAE, STPA Applied to a Product Filling Slurry Dispenser
4:15-4:45Chenling Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, Railway Signaling Accident Analysis using CAST
4:45-5:15Carlos Lahoz, Instituto de Aeronautica e Espaco (Brazil),Evaluations and Comparisons of STPA with Traditional Techniques

Day 3 - 27 March 2014

Location: TBA
Use in Management and Regulation
8:30-9:00Robert de Boer, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences,  Application of STAMP to Facilitate Interventions to Improve Platform Safety
9:00-9:30Lorena Pelegrin, ILF Consulting Engineers, Using STAMP/STPA Principles in Project Management of an Oil Pipeline Project
9:30-10:00Cody Fleming/Chris Wilkinson, MIT/Honeywell, Comparison of ARP 4761 and STPA using the Wheel Brake Example in ARP 4761
10:00-10:30[BAE Presentation - TBA]
10:15-10:45Todd Pawlicki/Aubrey Samost, UCSD and MIT, Analyzing Safety of Radiation Therapy Procedures
10:45-11:15Meaghan O'Neil, MIT, Using CAST for Adverse Event Investigation in Hospitals
11:15-11:45Homa Alemzadeh, Univ. of Illinois, Use of CAST for Medical Devices
11:45-12:15Brian Edwards (or colleague), Systems Approach to Pharmaceutical Safety
1:30-2:00Manuel Rodriguez, Technical University of Madrid, Risk Management of Petrochemicals
2:00-2:30Qi Hommes, Volpe National Transportation Research Center,Analyzing Automobile Recalls
2:30-3:00Soshi Kawakami, Japan Central Railway and MIT, High-Speed Rail Safety
3:00-3:30Eleftheria Mitka and Spyridon Mouroutsos, Democritus Univ. of Thrace, Applying STAMP to Safety Standards of Domestic Robots
3:45-4:30Open Discussion - TBD