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Streaming Olympic Coverage for Athletes Families - A Mother's Thank You.

As a mother of an athlete that grew up aspiring for the London 2012 Olympics when I saw this story about Olympic athletes requesting that their families stay home it broke my heart.

My son was a competitive fencer during his middle & high school years. It was my goal to help him achieve his dream of competing in the 2012 London Olympics. I remember driving through blizzards to get him to lessons with his Olympic coaches, and traveling around the world to watch him compete.

It was not just about the cost of any competitive sport (although do you have any idea what 1 Epee blade costs?) - it was about the emotional rollercoaster of competition. I remember the highs of his winning individual bouts and tournaments whether it was an individual or team event. I also remember trying to figure out what to say when he lost - I am not sure I ever figured that - has anyone?

He did not make it to Olympics, but he continues to fence occasionally. One of the many reasons I like fencing is that it is a competitive sport for any age, and I look forward to him competing again at some point in his life.

I could not imagine the thought of him competing at the Olympics without me there ... at any cost. I totally understand why the athletes are asking their families not to go Sochi for the Olympics in a few weeks with the security risk as their focus has to be 100% on their sport.

If I could not be there in person it is wonderful that families will have the ability to watch the live streaming. I am proud that Akamai helps facilitate this!

Thank you!