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#ShmooCon, Day 2: For the Love of LobbyCon

I've said it about other conferences: The most important activity -- even more so than attending talks -- is the networking that goes on in the lobby, something that's become popularly known as LobbyCon. It's especially true for those attending ShmooCon here in the nation's capital.

I've been meeting up with security practitioners I usually only communicate with on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I've also made some new contacts over the last two days.

These are the relationships that enrich one's profession. The more friends you have in your industry, the stronger the support network. The stronger the support network, the more problems we can solve together. 

LobbyCon is also a good barometer for how well various talks have gone. After the presentations are done, LobbyCon is where you go for further analysis.

It's also a good place to vent about the work pressures we all experience. 

The talks are important. The speaker content is the bread and butter of events like these, and there's a ton to learn.

But at the risk of catching some flack, I repeat what I said at the start of this post: The LobbyCons are even more important.

Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section.