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Security Predictions? Here Are Some Facts About 2014

I've said it before and will repeat it here: I absolutely loathe security predictions.

I have nothing against those who make them. It's just that most predictions are always so much duh. The rest are marketing creations that have no attachment to reality. 

Examples of the self evident:

  • Mobile malware is gonna be a big deal.
  • Social networking will continue to be riddled with security holes and phishing attacks.
  • Microsoft will release a lot of security patches.
  • Data security breaches will continue to get more expensive

Examples of predictions that never had a hope of becoming true:

I'm going to offer you something different: Some facts for 2014. That's right, things that are really going to happen -- things that are not obvious to those outside of Akamai. Let's begin:

  1. In February, we will officially launch the first-ever Akamai.com security section, and it'll be packed with everything you need to understand the threats your organization faces and how Akamai keeps its own security shop in order.
  2. Several of us from Akamai InfoSec will travel the globe, visiting customers and speaking at many a security conference. Those who attend will walk away enlightened and inspired.
  3. Akamai will continue to protect customers from DDoS and other attacks.
  4. You will see many new security videos and hear many new podcasts from us.
  5. If you visit the soon-to-be-launched Akamai security section, you will walk away with a better understanding of our compliance efforts than ever before.
Happy New Year! May you have a healthy, prosperous and secure 2014.


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Happy New Year, Bill.
Look forward to more of your facts and editorial musings in 2014.