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Responsive Web Design & its Performance Pitfalls

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a powerful new approach to tackling the challenge of mobile browsing, which advocates having a single website for all devices, but one that adapts to the device width & capabilities on the client itself. While powerful, RWD brings with it a set of performance concerns. This video explains what RWD is and - more importantly - how to understand and avoid the performance concerns it entails.



Hi! Excellent video tutorial shared. All things are very nicely explained about what RWD means, and how to avoid and understand the performance concerns it entails. Thanks again. This was really awesone. Cheers!

Great video on the Responsive web design.

The information is very useful. Thanks a lot for the share.

Thanks for this useful information and excellent video tutorial on responsive web design. Before your video I won't know about a responsive design that's why my website go down in Google, because of my website isn't responsive. Now I have gained knowledge about this. Thanks a lot for this video

I see yours video, it is really awesome. I learn a lot from this video. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

RWD can be quite tricky sometimes.

Really useful info! Thank you!

Yes, Responsive site is the new trend. Everyone wants to design a responsive site so it can easily run on every platform. Thanks for sharing the video tutorial about RWD. Nice informative post!