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Podcast: James Arlen at #ShmooCon 2014

At the recent ShmooCon conference, industry leader James Arlen discussed the need for better business etiquette among security practitioners.

Listen HERE.

Bio: James Arlen is a senior security consultant at Leviathan Security Group. His specialties include information security audit and design, information security policy development and implementation with secondary skills in network security system planning, design and engineering. He's a popular speaker and writer in the industry, and has appeared in multiple tech publications. He goes by the handle @myrcurial on Twitter.

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Nice blog.thanks for sharing such information.it is informative.

Very good advice. A lot of folks still think that the quality of their work should speak for itself. Effective presentation and communication, especially with 'the business' or executives are as important or possibly even more so. At the end of the day you need non-functional work funded and the better you are at making your case the better your result is going to be.