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HacKid Conference: Security Training for Kids

As I've written before, we in Akamai InfoSec take our security training very seriously. We also know that our success as a security operation depends on the skills and talents of the future. So when I see great examples of training for younger generations, I'm compelled to mention it here. For this post, the subject is the HacKid Conference scheduled for April 19 and 20 at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation.

As the HacKid website notes, "Kids are our future, why not give them that spark that will set them on a journey that only 'hacking' can inspire?" I see the value of this event not just as a security scribe and Akamai employee, but as the father of two sons.

HacKid's mission is, as the website states, to provide an interactive, hands-on experience for the entire family -- kids aged 5-17 and their parents -- to "raise awareness, excitement and understanding of technology, gaming, mathematics, safety, privacy, networking, security and engineering and their impact on society and culture."

Topics include:

  • Staying Safe Online
  • Dealing with CyberBullies
  • Robotics
  • Online gaming safety
  • Building Medieval Trebuchets
  • Interactive robot building
  • How the Internet works
  • Food Hacking
  • Computerized Lego Derby racing
  • Manipulating hardware and software for fun
  • Low-impact martial arts/self-defense & anti-bullying techniques
  • 3D Printing
  • Learning to program in Scratch & JavaScript
Tickets will go on sale Jan. 17. Early Bird pricing of $50 per ticket/per person will be available until March 1. The price then raises to $75 per person.

The organizers still seek volunteers, including those willing to teach kids about Bitcoin and other digital currencies, as well as ethical hacking and responsible disclosure.

You can contact the organizers and keep track of the planning process on Twitter at @hackidcon. You can also email Hackid@Hackid.org.