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Akamai/Qualcomm Demo Goes over the Edge at CES

On the eve of this week's International CES in Las Vegas, Qualcomm issued this news release highlighting an interesting demonstration at their booth (#8252 in the Las Vegas Convention Center's central hall), of which Akamai is a part. As a proof of concept, we've worked with Qualcomm's Atheros subsidiary to show how Akamai Intelligent Software can run on an Atheros IPQ smart gateway to make consumer experiences markedly faster and more reliable in the home. 

The last estimates from the NPD Group suggest that there's an average of 5.7 Internet-connected devices in every home. Thanks to the glut of these connected devices being used to watch video, access dynamic websites, download software and play games online - particularly during prime times - the strain on household Internet connectivity is leading to inconsistent and even frustrating experiences for consumers. In fact, it's fairly common to find devices requesting more bandwidth than is available over the last mile. 

Our demonstration at CES with Qualcomm shows how Akamai's Intelligent Software can run on the Atheros smart gateway to help optimize delivery and prepositioning of content, thereby improving the efficiency of existing last-mile resources as well as the use of resources from the gateway to connected devices in the home. In a real-world use case, partnerships like this could allow service providers to improve quality of service and enable family members to enjoy far better all-around Internet experiences.

The demo also offers a glimpse into the future of the Akamai platform as we explore ways to move beyond the edge and onto devices of many types; not only gateways, but game consoles, set-top-boxes, Blu-ray players, connected TVs and more. It's this type of evolution that we feel can help address the existing issues of bandwidth content and also pave the way to help deliver the massive amounts of video and other content at scale, including 4K, that is expected to traverse the Internet over the coming years. 

Also, I would like to re-iterate that this proof-of-concept is designed to show the potential benefits that can be realized by placing Akamai's Intelligent Software onto in-home technology such as the Qualcomm Atheros IPQ smart gateway. We're not announcing business models or any information on availability at this time.

If you're interested in checking out the demo or want to set up some time to meet with Akamai at CES this week, please feel free to email kalexand@akamai.com.

Kris Alexander is Chief Strategist, Connected Devices & Gaming, at Akamai.