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A New Resource for Training Kids in Internet Safety

I got a message this morning from an Akamai colleague who read yesterday's blog post on the HacKids security conference for children. He wanted me to know that he is doing something similar. Stefano Buttiglione, one of our senior solutions architects, says a school in his home town in Italy asked him to do a training course on the risks of social media to kids and their parents. It started as a one-day Danny Lewin Community Care event and blossomed from there.

"I worked during weekends on a set of slides and videos and presented them at the school," he told me in an email. "It was such a big success that now I'm receiving requests from many different schools and communities."

I asked for and received his permission to blog about it here.

After the demand for more Internet safety programs started rolling in, Stefano says he worked with Akamai marketing to transform it to a marketing-sponsored event. "What we do (the first 10 minutes of the presentation) is really interesting to the audience and they remember and talk about Akamai even days later," he says. A website is in development.

New events are planned in north Italy in February and March.

"During the students session I do parts 1 to 4," he says. "During the parents sessions I add one part so I do parts 1 to 5."

The agenda is as follows:

1.) Internet and information security
Brief introduction to the modern scenario of the digital age

2.) Social Networks
Statistics and description of the major Social Networks

3.) The regulatory aspects
Short description of the legislation about privacy and downloads

4.) Learn how to protect yourself
The risks of the Internet and tips on how to protect yourself:

  • Internet
  • Chat Rooms
  • Sexting and Webcams
  • Cyberbullying
  • Fingerprint
  • Social Networks
  • Mobile Social Networks and Video Games
  • Passwords
  • Tricks used by online predators

5.) My son is online (touched only during parents' meeting)

  • How my child uses the Internet
  • Challenges
  • Guidelines
Image below is from The Hacker News site.
Raising your kids to have cyber security awareness.png


With all the technological advancement that we have, we can't help but to feel threaten of our children's security online. It's very important to take necessary precautions on how to protect our privacy all the time.

I think there is so much out there to help keep children safe when on the internet. you just have to spend some time and money to get the best and learn how to get the best from it. It is important to keep your security high and children safe. There is a online safety course for this.

Before you use the Internet, take time to understand the risks and learn how to spot potential problems. One of the best I could ever suggest is to spend some time with them while they're visiting their favorite websites. Talk with them about what they like and what they don't.