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Holiday season is approaching and things are slowing down?  Not us here - the professional services team at Akamai.  We have been working round the clock to bring you face-to-face meetup events with our technical experts from the Akamai's Advance Solutions Group (ASG).  Our goal is to provide you with insights and expertise on the hottest topics this season.  Here's what's on the schedule as we conclude this year and we are excited for you to join, share, interact and immerse - now isn't that what the holidays are truly all about?

  • Dec 5th, New York: Addressing the challenges of online media with Akamai Sola: More than ever, audiences are consuming their entertainment online - and over an expanding array of devices.  Join our media experts David Sztykman & Frank Paolino to talk about video delivery challenges and see how Akamai can help you reach a global audience without headaches.
  • Dec 5th, Chicago: Performance Angle to Responsive Web Design - FEO design patterns and tools: The move to Responsive Web Design has put more emphasis on ensuring that users receive a high quality experience regardless of the device used to surf the web.  Our seasoned technologists Colin Bendell & Austin Thornburg will share front-end development patterns, best practices, optimizations and tools that you can use to keep your site flying through the cloud.
  • Dec 5th, San Mateo: Web Performance Best Practices - Fast Sites for a Global Audience: Come learn what industry experts are telling developers to do to optimize their web sites, and what Akamai solutions are doing to complement these efforts.  Our Web Perf specialists Javier Garza & David Bartosh provide the scoop.
  • Dec 12th, San Mateo: Learn how to improve your security posture with the latest features available in the Kona Site Defender: Keeping pace with attack trends and defense strategies while ensuring users can access the web site can be a daunting task.  In this session, we bring forth our security experts David Senecal & Harish Jakkal to talk about the latest features available in Kona site defender and how to use them to improve your security posture and avoid false positive.

Akamai's Advance Solutions Group (ASG)

Since May 2013, the ASG team has been organizing Meetups for our customers in NYC, Cambridge and San Mateo.  These "No Selling Zone" events provide unadulterated technical knowledge to our customers.  The events have been a tremendous success, as evidenced by direct feedback or the crowd of 44 people at our Cambridge office (video).

The Advance Solutions Group helps Akamai's customers meet their critical business goals and complex technological challenges by providing Akamai's innovation, thought leadership and education.

ASG services include:

  • Architecture Design: Identify and translate advanced requirements into creative out-of-the-box cloud solutions.
  • Assessment Services: Value-add consulting to provide customers with expertise and best practices in the areas of user experience, infrastructure reliability and security.
  • Education Services: Hands-on, in-depth training for customers to make them more self-reliant and increase their Akamai ROI.
Manuel Alvarez is Enterprise Architect at Akamai