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Security at Planetary Scale: An Anthology

We continue this week's series of anthologies with a collection of posts about security at planetary scale.

Environmental Controls at Planetary Scale

Each data center in a planetary scale environment is now as critical to availability as a power strip is to a single data center location.  Mustering an argument to monitor every power strip would be challenging; a better approach is to have a drawer full of power strips, and replace ones that fail.

2003 Blackout: An Early Lesson in Planetary Scale?

What the 2003 blackout taught us about security needs at planetary scale.

The Power Of Redundancy

How Akamai keeps Internet traffic secure with redundancy across servers, server racks, data centers, cities, countries, and even continents.

Mapping Networks and Data: Safety in Numbers

This post focuses on another way we keep Internet traffic flowing smoothly in the face of attempted attacks: network and data mapping.

Ten Years After the Blaster Worm

A look at how the world -- and our approach to security -- has changed in the decade since Blaster.