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Image Compression: Putting your Images on a Diet

Images are quickly changing from a boring topic to one of the most debated items on the web performance world. While they appear simple, choosing the right image format and encoding it in the right way could dramatically impact the image file size and the user experience. Since images make up the bulk of the page weight, these optimizations have a huge impact on page load time and user experience. In this video I'll explain what is image compression and why is it needed, along with some specific tips regarding Progressive JPEGs, WebP, JPEG XR and more.


Super clear presentation but I must point out that removing metadata is not a good idea.

I realize your focus here is on the UX. Nonetheless you are effectively recommending that people remove the copyright information from images. That creates orphan images which is a huge problem for photographers. It is also a criminal offense under some jurisdictions.



You're right that removing some parts of the metadata is not always an option due to legal considerations. That said, in the vast majority of cases (for images on the web) you should be able to remove either all of almost all of the metadata.