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CSO Surveys: Decoding the Online Security Landscape

Akamai recently partnered with CSOonline.com to survey information security professionals on various web security topics. The surveys provide valuable insight into web security current trends and what information security professionals are doing to address them. Here are four whitepapers that explore the different threads.

The Importance of Improving and Adapting Web Security 
With so much depending on Web site availability, CSOs are considering new ways to be cost-effectively proactive and vigilant.

Improving DDoS Protection 
Survey reveals a significant disconnect between companies' concerns and their preparedness when it comes to potential DDoS attacks.

Improving Web Application Security
With employees and customers increasingly depending on corporate Websites, reliability and security have become more critical than ever.

Improving Web Security Intelligence
The importance of contextual data is growing, for protecting data as well as analyzing threats. How can companies improve and aggregate the security information they collect?