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Akamai Security Compliance: The Story So Far

Continuing our weekly series of security anthologies, we focus today on Akamai compliance procedures. We're currently in the midst of an ongoing series on how Akamai approaches it, but the following content presents the story thus far.

Four Things to Ask Before Seeking FedRAMP Certification
For a look at how we reached FedRAMP certification, I spoke with Akamai InfoSec's Kathryn Kun, the program manager who played a critical role in getting us certified.

Making Compliance Docs Public
To give customers better tools for self service, we're working to make compliance documentation public.

How Akamai InfoSec Answers Customer Compliance Questions
The process to address customer security and compliance questions used to be somewhat chaotic. Questions would float around in random emails and elsewhere, and which ones got answered was a luck of the draw. We found this unacceptable, and did something about it.

Everything You Want To Know About Akamai Security & Compliance
About our series on Akamai InfoSec compliance efforts.

Video: Security and Compliance 101
Chief Security Officer Andy Ellis gives a brief overview of security and compliance and what they mean to Akamai. Andy's overview includes common terms along with definitions and an overview of common standards and their components.

Akamai FedRAMP Compliance is Huge for Security
Why achieving Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance as a cloud services provider was a major move for us.

Experiencing Compliance From The Inside Out
Bill Brenner's early lesson in how Akamai does compliance.

Lessons From Akamai InfoSec Training
How our compliance efforts shape the training of new employees.

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