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This is a sequel to yesterday's post -- the Akamai Security Podcast interview with Dave Lewis

Dave, one of our security advocates, is doing a lot of blogging over at CSOonline.com. He did so much blogging in November alone that I found it necessary to compile everything here. I wouldn't want you to miss anything, after all.

Here it is, a compilation of November posts from his blog, Brick of Enlightenment:

So sad to say that the impression that I get is that remote access solutions have become the backstage passes that they were really never intended to be.

Buffer Adds Two-Factor Authentication
Buffer has rolled out two factor authentication for all of their customers.

BIPS Suffers Bitcoin Heist
The world is drawn ever closer to the flame of Bitcoin and the inescapable lure of easy fortune. With that brings the criminal element that instinctually follows the scent of possible easy money.

Password Managers and Post-It Notes
Thursday night at 11:30 pm and you need to access a site to complete a large project you're working on. You should be asleep but that is something that a sane person would be doing. Instead you're playing beat the clock to get your work done for Friday at 9 am and you find that you can't remember your password.

Got Two-Factor Authentication?
Two factor authentication is not the be all end all of authentication measures but, it sure beats using just a simple password. Security practitioners have long lamented the issues that passwords bring with them. Yet here we are.

Surveillance Is About Control Not Security
When did it become accepted behaviour that we could be monitored all the time? I'm searching my memory for that moment in time where I signed the paperwork where I agreed to be a cast member of the Truman Show.

Don't Be An Ostrich, Remediate Issues
When you have a security assessment conducted on your enterprise there is always an opportunity for improvement. No enterprise is perfect. By which I mean, show me a perfect environment and I will give birth to a unicorn.

Canada's Bill C-13 Is a Trojan Horse
Canada's Harper government unveiled a proposed piece of legislation on November 20th 2013 that was trumpeted in the media as being the answer to the very real problem of cyber bullying in this country.

Who Is Practicing Best Security Practices?
There is a term in the Information Security field that tries my patience in no uncertain terms. That term is, "best practice". People love to bandy this about in discussions about their security program, widget or what have you. But, who is actually practicing?

Health Canada Exposes Medical Marijuana Users
No idea how this happened but, Health Canada has some explaining to do over a recent privacy related failure regarding, medical marijuana.

Dear John, Thoughts on the Cupid Media Breach
There has been a veritable orgy of large data breaches over the last couple years. While a lot of folks have been aware of the major breaches that have come down the pipe, there is one that stands out as a "wait, what?" moment in time. That would belong to Cupid Media.

It is (ISC)2 election time. GET OUT AND VOTE!
That time of year again. Time for (ISC)2 members to get out and vote. Frequently I get questions about the board of directors in general and I often counter with "did you vote"? This tends to be met with a glazed over look.