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Welcome to the next step in our effort to make security content more easily available by topic. Today's collection of posts focuses on DNS-related threats and defensive measures.

DNS reflection defense

Recently, DDoS attacks have spiked up well past 100 Gbps several times. A common move used by adversaries is the DNS reflection attack, a category of Distributed, Reflected Denial of Service (DRDos) attack. To understand how to defend against it, it helps to understand how it works.

How Akamai eDNS Protects Against DNS Attacks

This post continues the discussion of DNS protection by describing how Akamai's "eDNS" protects customers from both volumetric and reflective attacks on DNS infrastructure.

What can be done about spoofing and DNS amplification?

How following a Best Common Practices document (BCP-38) will help your company fight back against spoofing and DNS amplification.

How big is 300 Gbps, really?

The 300 Gbps attack against SpamHaus earlier this year certainly seemed epic.  But how big was it, really? An analysis through the Akamai lens.

Was This Really One of the Internet's Biggest Attacks?

In early October there was an interesting story in eWeek about "one of the largest attacks in the history of the Internet." It described a 9-hour barrage against an unnamed entity that swelled to 100 Gigabits of traffic at its peak. Did it truly qualify as one of the biggest? It depends on how you choose to measure it.