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So...just how important are Operator CDNs?

Of course WE'RE going to say that Operator CDNs are important, we're Akamai. But what do the operators think? And further to that, what do the consumers think? In IDC's recently released white paper -- Broadband and Pay TV Operators Adopt CDN Strategies to Manage Changes in Consumer Video Behavior -- we find out.
This white paper draws on extensive interviews with leading communications service providers in the US as well as a survey of US consumers. The paper dives into the topics of multi-screen video services, network capacity management, improved video experiences and its impact on both revenue and customer satisfaction.
The research uncovered some enlightening statistics including:
  • How many subscribers consider TV Everywhere an important offering
  • How many viewers place the blame on operators when OTT video streaming fails
  • The revenue impact of every 50,000 subscribers gained or lost per year
  • The number of subscribers who would switch providers if their pay TV provider did not offer multi-screen services but another did
You will learn this and a lot more by reading the white paper which can be found on our website at: http://www.akamai.com/html/ms/cdn-strategies-whitepaper.html.
You can also learn about the findings in a live webinar being held on December 11th at 11am EST with the author of the paper, Greg Ireland and Akamai's Frank Childs. Register to attend at: http://reg.dispeak.com/c/akamai/car/dec13/r.html#register.
In the meantime, check out this fun infographic that summarizes some of the findings.