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Making Compliance Docs Public

Part 2 in a series.

In my post about compliance and customer service, I briefly touched on one of the goals of Akamai InfoSec -- making as much of our compliance documentation public as possible. I want to spend a little more time talking about that, as it's something I'm increasingly involved with.

Also, customer feedback is going to be crucial in determining which documents to tackle first.

As I mentioned in the last post, the goal is to give customers the tools for more self service. Right now our sales staff asks questions on the customer's behalf and they deliver the answers we provide. By making documentation publicly available, we hope to reduce the need for doing it that way. If the customer has a question and all they have to do is access documentation addressing their questions via our site, they get to act more quickly to address their issues. To me, it's an extension of the Akamai motto "Faster Forward."

The soon-to-be launched security microsite on Akamai.com will include a whole section for this purpose. We have a lot of work to do. So far, only a few of the documents are ready for prime time.

We're about to move a lot more quickly to get the job done. The task begins with us reviewing each document and removing details that must remain private for the protection of customers. Then, every document must be reviewed by our legal department to ensure we've dotted every i and crossed every t.

Here's where you come in.

I'd like your feedback on the compliance issues that cause you the most difficulty; those that compel you to get answers through the sales staff. 

That will help us prioritize which documents to tackle first. 

Our compliance team already has a pretty good idea of which documents belong atop the stack, based on the kinds of questions they get most of the time. But to do something like this right, there can never me too much feedback.

Please send your feedback to wbrenner@akamai.com, and I'll take your comments back to the team.

Thank you.