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Akamai.com Security Section Takes Shape

A few weeks ago I wrote about our efforts to develop a section for the Akamai website that's all security, all the time. Here's an update.

First, a summary:
This section will allow InfoSec practitioners to access all our security content in one place. There will be easier access to the security blog posts, podcasts and videos we already produce daily as well as such new content as slideshows, infographics, research papers and articles on topics that matter to customers and the security community as a whole.

Another goal is to make it a place where customers can get their questions answered more quickly. We constantly field questions. Sometimes it's a compliance question. Sometimes it's about how someone may or may not be affected by an attack making headlines. Along the way, we've written up a lot of answers, and want to make them available on the new page. If you can go to our page and find the answer to a question you have, it can save a lot of time.

Since the last post, we have come up with a design for the section and started building in the content. It will be more comprehensive than the initial plan, with boxes that will take readers from the main page to detailed sub-sections where they can access our public compliance documentation, CSIRT security advisories and calendar of events.

I can't show you the whole design yet, but I can share the whiteboard sneak preview I drew for the staff last week. (For a larger view, click on the image.)


Stay tuned for additional updates.