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Akamai Security Videos, Part 1

Several readers have asked me where they can find all our podcasts and videos. Our soon-to-be-released security microsite will make everything easy to find. But for now, we're creating a series of round-ups. Yesterday we published the first six podcast episodesFurther down the road, we'll have a round-up of our security webinars. What follows is the first compilation of videos.

What's a Zero-Day Vulnerability?
Akamai Chief Security Officer Andy Ellis gives a whiteboard lesson on zero-day vulnerabilities.

An Overview of Tokenization & the Credit Card Industry
Akamai CSO Andy Ellis gives an overview of tokenization and why it exists, as well as a brief history of the credit card industry.

Josh Corman on Different Adversary Classes
Akamai Director of Security Intelligence Josh Corman gives an overview of different adversary classes and their motivations.

An Overview of the OSI Model with Akamai CSO Andy Ellis
In this video, Akamai CSO Andy Ellis gives an overview of the OSI model, abstraction layers, HTTP, TCP/IP and how together these things make the Internet work.

Security Means Different Things to Different People
In this video, Akamai CSO Andy Ellis explains why security means different things to different people.

A Primer on Security Laws
In this video, Akamai CSIRT Director Michael Smith walks viewers through the regulatory minefield. It's a great primer, though we suggest, as always, that you consult your own attorneys to understand how the laws and standards discussed in this video apply to you.