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Schneier and Corman: A Conversation in Tweets

What does one do when he has to get on a plane right before one of the more anticipated keynotes at Akamai Edge? In my case, follow the tweets and retweet what I found most interesting.

Below are tweets from those attending the keynote discussion between security luminary Bruce Schneier and Akamai InfoSec's Josh Corman. I followed from the taxi, through the TSA line and from the gate, and it was worth it.


  1. I have to give both and Bruce Schneier props for rocking the stage here at Akamai Edge!

  2. Economics of classifying information on it's head. Incentives must shift to charging for classifying info.

  3. at : one of the problems with secrets: "There is no cost to classification." At least to those classifying things

  4. at The NSA is turning into a huge surveillance platform and we don't know how to fix it.

  5. is demonstrating why he is one of the foremost authorities on .

  6. Oh,   is asking Bruce Schneier the chaos vs control question. Will this result in the Balkanization of the internet?

  7. at : we are moving to a world of less secrecy. Stunned that NSA had no contingency plan for big leaks.

  8. : at : on computer security: Offense is easier and won't change anytime soon.

  9. "The onus is not on the breaker, it is on the maker" Bruce Schneier (only in a perfect world)

  10. at : one click is too many for security in most cases.

  11. Check out the orange shoes on  Bruce says "I like them on YOU"