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Dissecting Operation Ababil at Akamai Edge

Operation Ababil has been a thorn in the side of financial institutions this past year, costing victims both business and sleep. At Akamai Edge, we've been talking a lot about the attacks -- particularly the lessons we've learned and the fresh security measures companies have put in place.

Thursday, Akamai CSO Andy Ellis led a panel discussion on the lessons learned, and earlier in the day John Summers -- VP of Akamai's security business -- shared some slides on the subject.

I was on the plane home by the time Andy got onstage, but I did attend Summers' talk and photographed his slides. Meanwhile, artist Natalia Talkowska -- who has been doing some fabulous live sketching at Edge -- captured Andy's panel discussion as it happened. What follows are the Summers slides and Natalia's sketch. Together, I think they present a pretty solid picture of the discussion.

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