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Akamai Edge and National Cyber Security Awareness Month

There's been a lot of debate in the InfoSec community about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of security awareness programs. More such discussion is likely this month as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) promotes National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Rather than repeat my own position on the matter, I'll direct you to the post "Security Awareness Programs: Better Than Nothing." For now, I'm thinking about how DHS's initiative fits in with the Akamai Edge customer conference taking place, appropriately, in Washington DC next week. As I noted a couple weeks ago, security will be a major part of the proceedings

There will be the Financial Services Roundtable Lunch on Security Information Sharing: Lessons Learned from Financial Services, and Former NSA Senior Counsel Joel Brenner will share his insider perspectives on the implications of our global reliance on the inter-connected and Internet-dependent way of life and how to address "the new faces of espionage and warfare on the digital battleground."

There will also be a keynote discussion with Bruce Schneier, founder and CTO of BT Managed Security Solutions, and Akamai CSO Andy Ellis will lead a panel discussion on the lessons of Operation Abibal.

As I cover these discussions, I'll tie them in with the themes of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Beyond that, I'll write one post per week focusing on the individual themes, captured below. The exception will be week 2, as I'll be traveling. The following week's post will cover Oct. 7-18.

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Week One (October 1-4):
Launch of 10th Annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cybersecurity is Our Shared Responsibility

The next ten years in cybersecurity are critical to ensure a safe, secure, resilient cyberspace where the American way of life can thrive. Given the stakes we must remain focused on meeting the challenges of the next ten years.

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Week Two (October 7-11): 
Being Mobile: Online Safety and Security

Emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity no matter where you are or what device you are using.
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Week Three (October 15-18): 
Cyber Workforce and the Next Generation of Cyber Leaders

Highlights the importance of fostering the next generation cyber workforce through education and training.

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Week Four (October 21-25): 
Cyber Crime

Focuses on national and local efforts to prevent traditional crimes like theft, fraud, and abuse that can also take place online.

Man with a headset Week Five (October 28-31):
Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity
Highlights the growing intersection between cyber and physical security when protecting the Nation's critical infrastructure.