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Telling Akamai's Security Story: Part 2

Three months ago when I started at Akamai, I told you the goal was to tell some Akamai InfoSec stories and make it clear how A.) we make sure our own house is secure, and B.) we provide an ironclad defense for customers. Here's an update to explain how we're doing that.

There are the almost-daily posts in this blog. There's plenty going on in our security department every day, which means there's never a shortage of topics to type up. To distribute those posts and add additional insight from the team, we've created Akamai InfoSec pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. In addition to my own posts, CSO Andy Ellis has posted some important updates on the BREACH vulnerability, environmental controls at Planetary Scale, and DNS reflection defense

Meanwhile, others from Akamai InfoSec have stepped forward to contribute blog posts, most notably Dave Lewis, Christian Ternus and Meg Grady-Troia. We've released a few videos as well, featuring Andy Ellis, CSIRT Director Michael Smith and Security Intelligence Director Joshua Corman.

Now comes the next phase: The launch this month of The Akamai Security Podcast. I've spent the last week setting up the recording and editing equipment, and will begin with some introductory interviews of Akamai InfoSec team members. The podcasts will launch weekly.

Finally, we're making progress developing a security page on the Akamai website where you'll be able to access all the above content as well as slideshows, infographics, research papers and articles on topics that matter to customers and the security community as a whole.

If you don't see what you're looking for along the way, please let us know.

See you online.

Bill Brenner 
Senior Program Manager, Editorial
Akamai InfoSec