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Building a Security Page

Earlier this month, I told you about the second phase of efforts to raise Akamai's profile as a security company. This post is an update on the last goal I mentioned: creating a security page on the Akamai website.

The page will allow InfoSec practitioners to access all our security content in one place. There will be easier access to the security blog posts, podcasts and videos we already produce daily as well as such new content as slideshows, infographics, research papers and articles on topics that matter to customers and the security community as a whole.

Another goal is to make it a place where customers can get their questions answered more quickly. We constantly field questions. Sometimes it's a compliance question. Sometimes it's about how someone may or may not be affected by an attack making headlines. Along the way, we've written up a lot of answers, and want to make them available on the new page. If you can go to our page and find the answer to a question you have, it can save a lot of time.

We also have an army of thought leaders in Akamai InfoSec who frequently travel to security conferences to deliver talks about new threats and the best security practices. We think it would be valuable to show you who among us is traveling, where we're going and what we'll be presenting on. To that end, a calendar for the page is in the works.

We hope to have the page up and running sooner rather than later. It's coming together nicely, though we don't have a specific launch window just yet.

We welcome your comments and feedback as the project continues to take shape. 

Meantime, here's the concept I sketched out at the beginning. It's a rough drawing, but it conveys the idea well enough: