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Attacks Lighter Than Expected Amid 9-11 Anniversary, Syrian War Talk

A couple weeks ago, Akamai's CSIRT team warned that chaotic actors could use the anniversary of 9-11 and news of potential military action in Syria as an excuse to unleash a fresh wave of DDoS attacks. 

Fortunately, the week turned out to be pretty quiet.

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)a pro-Assad hacking group, mostly held its fire, and those wanting to exploit the 9-11 anniversary were nowhere to be found. 

I asked Mike Kun of the CSIRT team for a post-mortem, and here's what he had to say:

The SEA was quiet, and I believe that's because of a combination of not having a good excuse for actions agains the US while the US was debating Syria, and they might have been involved in OpIsrael Reborn. A substantial number of middle eastern hackers were involved in OpIsrael Reborn, which was just as effective as the last OpIsrael, which is to say not very. It seems most of the attention is focused on targets other than the US right now. QCF remained dormant. They haven't done anything of note since declaring Phase 4 in late July. 

I really was expecting more, honestly, but is seems the Syria negotiations and a few ops kept everyone distracted from the US.