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Security Ethics and The Hacker Academy

If you work outside the security community, the word "hacker" is often misunderstood. A hacker is seen as someone who operates outside the law, troublemakers who are only in the business of engineering attacks and causing chaos. Because of that misconception, I often feel the need to educate the masses.

To that end, I'd like to direct you to the blog of security company Tripwire, which has a talented team we often collaborate with. Its latest post is about what's known as The Hacker Academy, a three-year-old online ethical hacker training program designed by penetration testers to help educate young security practitioners with hands-on training.

My good friend Anthony Freed spoke with Joseph Sokoly (@jsokoly), a vulnerability engineer at MAD Security who I've written about in this blog before.

Sokoly is a rising star in the security community, and does a lot of work with The Hacker Academy. The blog post includes a video interview where he discusses the San Francisco-based academy, whose online resources are available around the clock.

Please check it out.