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#FFSec: Security Pros on Twitter Who Will Show You The Way

Those who know me are aware of my fondness for Follow Friday -- a tradition on Twitter where people recognize the folks whose tweets keep them inspired and informed. In my case, the focus is on people in the InfoSec community. I have a list on Twitter that will show you 275 security pros I currently follow. You can see their bios and press the follow button on those you think might be of value.

Below is a list of Twitter handles worth following for consistently great debate and resource sharing specifically from the people of Akamai InfoSec. I've known a few of them for years and am getting acquainted with the rest. All have inspired me thus far. Follow them and you will be inspired, too.

Let's start with me: Bill Brenner (@BillBrenner70) -- Security scribe, family man, author of The OCD Diaries and Akamai InfoSec's resident storyteller · theocddiaries.com

Brian Sniffen (Brian_Sniffen) -- Chief security architect, http://packets.evenmere.org/

Akamai InfoSec (Akamai_InfoSec) -- The official twitter profile for Akamai's InfoSec department

George The Penguin (@SecurityPenguin) -- The Akamai Penguin of Awesome. My tweets aren't even my own, let alone my employer's. Globe waddling · securitypenguin.com

Andy Ellis (@csoandy) -- Akamai CSO, Parent, Bostonian, Oenophile, Patriots Fan, personal stylist, FCSP, FiveFinger runner. Tweets my own.
Cambridge, MA · csoandy.com

Larry Cashdollar (@_larry0-- Husband & Father. Works @Akamai. Hobbyist Vulnerability Researcher & Exploit Coder.  New Hampshire, USA · vapid.dhs.org 

Christian Ternus (@ternus) -- Security researcher @Akamai. Performing a timing channel attack on the computational ultrastructure of spacetime.
Cambridge, MA · cternus.net

Michael Smith (@rybolov) -- Akamai's CSIRT director and international man of mystery.  Boston, Ma. · guerilla-ciso.com

Joshua Corman (@joshcorman) -- Security Strategist/Ex-Analyst/Knowledge Seeker/Zombie Killer/Co-Founder of http://RuggedSoftware.org  / Statements are mine & may not reflect Akamai's. It depends · blog.cognitivedissidents.com

Martin McKeay (@mckeay) -- Blogger, podcaster, Akamai Security Evangelist.  I never thought I'd say, I wasn't paranoid enough. My opinions are my own, end of statement. Santa Rosa, CA · mckeay.net

Kathryn Kun (@theladykathryn) -- Program manager for Akamai InfoSec · weirdsistersblog.com (Not a security blog, but worth your time all the same.)

Darius Jahandarie (@djahandarie) -- Haskell, Agda, Math, Security, 日本語, Cambridge MA, USA · althack.org

James Salerno (@minion_at_work) -- Program manager, Akamai InfoSec

Daniel Franke (@dfranke) -- Security researcher. Keeping the internet safe for anarchy. Central Massachusetts

Kevin Riggle (@kevinriggle) -- Security researcher, Akamai InfoSec . free-dissociation.com

Dave Lewis (@gattaca) -- Akamai InfoSec evangelist, security type, #blogger, podcaster, breaker of things, bass player, dad, #infosec #smartgrid, #cloud, defcon goon, creator of (-:|3 emoticon. I love my job. Canada · liquidmatrix.org/blog/


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Thank you for sharing this list of amazing people. I've already started following some of them and I can't thank you enough for recommending them.