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The Effects of Video Failures on Your Audience

Last week we published the below high-level info-graphic showing how online video performance impacts viewer behavior. These stats are based on a scientific research paper released by Ramesh K. Sitaraman, an Akamai fellow and professor of computer science at UMass-Amherst, and S. Shunmuga Krishnan, a senior system software engineer at Akamai. One of my favorite key takeaways is what we're calling the 2-second rule, which shows that videos with a start-up time that exceeds 2 seconds tend to have higher abandonment rates. With each additional second another 6% of viewers abandon, and by the time you get to 10 seconds, half of your audience is gone! As you can imagine, this impacts not only that specific viewing experience, but also the general impression of that publisher's/website's reliability for disseminating information. In fact, according to the research paper, around 91.8% of viewers do not return within 24 hours of a video failure. 

What does this all mean? It means without monitoring the quality of your video streams and how your viewers are engaging with your content, you are literally streaming blind and have no ability to know what is working and what is not.
Check out the below info-graphic for more interesting stats that have a real impact on businesses who rely on video streaming.
Noreen Hafez is a senior product marketing manager at Akamai.