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Talks Of Interest At DEF CON

I've been looking over the Black Hat 2013 schedule to see which talks best fit the issues Akamai's InfoSec team is dealing with daily.

It's always a roll of the dice when you try to determine which talks to attend, because some look like the right fit on the website but then the talk turns out to be something different. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I've gone to talks that didn't turn out as advertised but were useful all the same. I've also attended talks I hadn't planned for and walked away with something of value.

Here are some agenda items that look good to me thus far. See the full schedule -- with details of the talks listed below -- here

Also see my earlier DEF CON posts here and here.

Thursday, Aug. 1
10 a.m.:
Hacker Law School: Jim Rennie & Marcia Hofmann
Pentesters Toolkit: Anch
5 p.m.:
DEF CON Documentary Premiere
8 p.m.:
DEF CON Welcome Party

Friday, Aug. 2
11 a.m.:
Torturing Open Government Systems for Fun, Profit and Time Travel: Tom Keenan
Backdoors, Government Hacking and The Next Crypto Wars: Christopher Soghoian
1 p.m.:
Prowling Peer-to-Peer Botnets After Dark: Tillmann Werner
Offensive Forensics: CSI for the Bad Guy: Benjamin Caudill
2 p.m.:
Protecting Data with Short-Lived Encryption Keys and Hardware Root of Trust: Dan Griffin
Evil DoS Attacks and Strong Defenses: Sam Bowne & Matthew Prince
3 p.m.:
Kill 'em All - DDoS Protection Total Annihilation! Tony Miu & Wai-Leng Lee
The ACLU Presents: NSA Surveillance and More: Panel
4 p.m.:
A Password is Not Enough: Why Disk Encryption is Broken and How We Might Fix It: Daniel Selifonov
5 p.m.:
Unexpected Stories - From a Hacker Who Made It Inside the Government: Peiter "Mudge" Zatko
How my Botnet Purchased Millions of Dollars in Cars and Defeated the Russian Hackers: Michael Schrenk

Saturday, Aug. 3
10 a.m.:
Predicting Susceptibility to Social Bots on Twitter: Chris Sumner & Randall Wald
11 a.m.:
Fear the Evil FOCA: IPv6 attacks in Internet Connections: Chema Alonso
BoutiqueKit: Playing WarGames with Expensive Rootkits and Malware: Josh 'Monk" Thomas
1 p.m.:
We are Legion: Pentesting with an Army of Low-power Low-cost Devices: Dr. Philip Polstra
3 p.m.:
An Open Letter - The White Hat's Dilemma: Professional Ethics in the Age of Swartz, PRISM and Stuxnet: Alex Stamos
5 p.m.:
DNS May Be Hazardous to Your Health: Robert Stucke

Sunday, Aug. 4
10 a.m.:
The Cavalry Isn't Coming: Nicholas J. Percoco and Joshua Corman
11 a.m.:
The Dawn of Web 3.0: Website Mapping and Vulnerability Scanning in 3D, Just Like You Saw in the Movies: Teal Rogers & Alejandro Caceres
HiveMind: Distributed File Storage Using JavaScript Botnets: Sean Malone
1 p.m.:
Utilizing Popular Websites for Malicious Purposes Using RDI: Daniel Chechick & Anat


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Hey Bill,

I appreciate the inclusion of our "Predicting Susceptibility to Social Bots on Twitter" talk on your list.

Come and say hi if you're there.