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In An "Akamai Minute"

As if serving on the order of two trillion content requests a day isn't enough, there's even more happening on the Akamai Intelligent Platform at any given time: video streaming, route optimization calculations, DNS lookups, and content purges, just to name just a few. In the Akamai NOCC, we have both real-time and long-term (days, months, years) views of platform activity and key metrics, giving us a view of what's going on *right now* and what's happened over time.  With so much taking place, we thought it'd be interesting to capture a snapshot of the broad range of activity across the Akamai Intelligent Platform over a nicely manageable timeframe, like a minute.

Today, we are formally launching "Akamai in 60 Seconds" at www.akamai.com/60seconds. It's a dynamic Web-based version of a graphic that originally appeared as a printed companion to Akamai's quarterly State of the Internet Report.

The data points shown represent peak values for the given metrics as measured across the Akamai Intelligent Platform during a 60-second time period. They're collected from several internal Akamai systems and databases, and are normalized to one minute.  The underlying data collection process runs every five minutes, and the page automatically updates every five minutes. Because the graphic is showing peak values over time, the numbers will change gradually and are not updated in real-time.

Since the "Akamai in 60 Seconds" graphic is capturing peak values for the given metrics, it is likely that event-related activity will drive updates to some metrics.  For instance, the Xbox One Reveal event helped drive the Live Streams Delivered metric to a new peak of 144.5 Million.

The graphic has also been designed using adaptive Web design techniques and reformats cleanly across a variety of browsers, screen resolutions, and devices.

If you have any questions or comments about "Akamai in 60 Seconds", you can send them to us at 60seconds@akamai.com.

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50 TB of HTTP data in a mere 60 seconds!

All I can say, Akamai, you've taken content delivery to a whole new level. Keep up the great work guys!