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Let Me Tell You Some Akamai Security Stories

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Bill Brenner, Akamai's newly-minted security storyteller (my title is actually senior program manager, but my role here will be quite different from that of other people with similar titles).

I'm a journalist by trade, with two decades of newspaper reporting and editing behind me. I've spent the last decade writing about information security, a path that brought me here. I'm not a security technician. But I do know how to get the real technicians to help me understand what they're working on. I remember how lost I felt the first time I read a security advisory about a buffer overflow vulnerability in a long-since-forgotten piece of software. Within a month or two, I was able to look at advisories and make instant sense of them. Because I asked the people in the trenches to explain it to me like I was a toddler -- and they happily obliged.

A decade later, I'm experienced in the art of seeing the bigger infosec picture and how all the smaller puzzle pieces fit in. I know how to get practitioners to explain threats and defenses in a way that's accessible to the public. And that's what I'm here to do for Akamai.

I'll routinely blog about security events making news headlines, as I have in previous blogs. I'll offer attitudes and opinions and will be forceful about it. That's my style, and it helped get me here. But most of the time I'll be telling you about what's happening in Akamai's InfoSec department. It's a powerful security operation, but the public still doesn't consider that part of the equation when they hear the Akamai name. They think of the cloud and the speed with which Internet services are delivered to them. The threats to those services and the ways Akamai defends against them? Not so much.

I'll be using my journalistic and editorial skills to extract the details from InfoSec staff and explain it to you in ways that make sense. I'll use this blogging account, but I'll also make sure you see the blogging of others on the InfoSec team. There will also be many slideshows, videos and articles to help tell the story. I'll make sure you get to know the different players on this team, what they do and what they're working on. I'll help write research reports and work with the team to give you infographics that make things easier to digest and act upon. And there will be podcast recordings of my conversations with the different players.

I'm already blown away by the heart, talent and grit of this team. You will be, too.

I'm thrilled to be here, and eager to get started.