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Akamai InfoSec Has Become More Social

Akamai InfoSec has some new social networking accounts designed to keep the focus squarely on what our team is up to while inviting customers and the wider industry in to share ideas and ask us questions.

In the past week we've created new pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ -- and we ask you all to "like," "follow" and add the team to your online social circles.

For now, these accounts are being used mostly to share the security blogging and research we do daily. But the goal is to be more accessible to customers and those who may be thinking of trying us out. 

We currently field a lot of customer questions using inside e-mail lists and other private communications. The new social networking pages will make it even easier to ask us questions and get answers. And since it's in a public setting, a wider audience will be able to take in the discussions and learn from them.

Private conversations will continue, of course. Many of our customer dealings must remain private for their protection. The social networking pages are for more general questions and answers.

Our new Twitter handle is @Akamai_Infosec.

Our page on Facebook is Akamai InfoSec.

On Google+ we are Akamai Sec.

On LinkedIn, we are the Akamai InfoSec group.