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Legendary Whitetails Boosts Site Performance & Revenue with Akamai

As we know, many of the world's leading commerce companies trust Akamai.  What about other mid-sized and smaller businesses and online retailers who are looking for acceleration and improvement of their site performance?  How is Akamai helping them succeed in their online business?  

Legendary Whitetails, a customer through our partner MICROS Retail, is a great success story in showcasing how a family-owned retailer offering unique causal apparel, gifts and gear for whitetail hunters can boost site performance, increase revenue and brand engagement and support its largest traffic day by leveraging Akamai's Aqua Web Solutions.

With no physical locations, Legendary Whitetails relies on its Web site as its primary storefront.  They are always seeking ways to improve the site experience because they know this leaves a lasting impression on their shoppers.  The retailer couldn't afford to disappoint their shoppers or lose sales due to a sluggish site.  They also needed to flawlessly handle traffic spikes associated with holiday shopping and promotions.  As a result, they went with Akamai.

Legendary Whitetails is using Akamai to deliver all of its site dynamic content and images.  Since implementing the Akamai solutions, the retailer has realized tremendous benefits.  It has offloaded 72% of its dynamic content to the Akamai platform, resulting in overall site performance improvement of nearly 200% on average.  It has also accelerated the delivery of dynamic content by 180%.  In fact, these improvements have made it possible for Legendary Whitetails to support its largest traffic day - 40,000 site visitors and over 650,000 page views - on Cyber Monday.

According to Ryan Johnson, eCommerce Manager at Legendary Whitetails, "Akamai is a key contributor in allowing us to grow 20% and achieve record sales in 2012.  We are also very encouraged that the solution will provide us with the capacity to maintain similar growth rates for the years to come."

To learn more about this customer case study, please click here.  By leveraging the Akamai platform, Legendary Whitetails is enabled to deliver content at scale, improve conversion rates and drive sales revenues.

Helen Yang is a public relations manager at Akamai