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KT and Akamai Team up to Build Operator CDN for Korean Market

This week KT and Akamai announced an important CDN deal. As the leading telecommunications company in South Korea, KT is another important strategic partner for Akamai as we continue to innovate and evolve how our CDN technology and business can bring benefits to telecom networks. In this instance, the basis for the CDN deployment is a Managed Operator CDN that leverages technology from our Aura Network Solutions group.

Looking at this partnership, it brings many mutual benefits to both companies. First, it provides KT with greater network efficiency for all the Akamai global content that gets served within South Korea. Korea has always been a leading edge broadband market with some of the fastest speeds in the world, and this relationship provides an even faster Internet experience, which certainly benefits our customers as well. Second, KT will be able to have their own CDN based on market-leading technology from Akamai, and sell these services to their regional customers bringing benefits to content owners, web properties, and enterprises alike. And finally, Akamai receives the opportunity to leverage KT's experienced sales organization to increase the overall market opportunity for our services in the region. It is further evidence of our commitment to involve the network service providers in the value chain of CDN in a way that best leverages their assets and ours.

Here is a quote from Heekyung Song, SVP for their Enterprise IT BU. "The era has come where culture and digital content are leading the market. Our main priority is to ensure access to content from any device, at anytime, anywhere. Through this partnership with Akamai, KT will provide a CDN platform specializing in media delivery, web performance and security so companies can focus on developing quality content and web applications without concerns about delivery."

Here is a great picture capturing the enthusiasm of the joint team responsible for the partnership.
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