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Deploying More Effective Video Analytics: Analyze. Optimize. Monetize.

This is the second installment in a series of posts that discuss various challenges of online video and how Akamai's Sola Media Solutions can be used to address those challenges.

What goes into a successful media analytics strategy? How can video analytics help you control costs, ensure service delivery quality and maximize ROI? This was one of several recurring topics during the many conversations that we enjoyed during last week's NAB show. 

Understanding how - and where - content is being consumed is a challenge that companies in virtually every industry are struggling with. From media and entertainment sites where streaming media is a core business focus to social media sites, retailers, and corporate training teams, maximizing engagement and driving adoption are critical challenges.

Ensure freshness and verify adoption
This is particularly true of live streaming video, given its growing adoption, time sensitivity/"freshness," global universe of users, and variety of device/browser platforms that must be accommodated by providers. Forecasts point to a burgeoning business, with global online TV and video revenues expected to exceed $28 billion and 480 million homes in 40 countries watching online TV and video by 2017.1
Video analytics in demand
That's why video analytics is a particular area of focus within the broader challenge of media & content analytics. Video consumption on mobile devices is exploding, requiring investment and provisioning to accommodate mobile users. And video delivery performance is playing an increasingly important role in brand loyalty and customer/user satisfaction.

So what benefit does an effective solution for video analytics provide? Solutions like Akamai's Sola Analytics can deliver:

  • Enhanced audience tracking, enabling you to identify changing user attributes and behaviors. These include gross viewership numbers, visits/repeat visits, plays, play duration, completion rates, and number of plays abandoned.
  • Quality monitoring, to ensure user satisfaction and service level agreement compliance. Quality metrics include play attempts, video startup time, video availability, average bitrates, rebuffering, dropped frames, errors, and connection speed.
  • Viewer-level diagnostics, which we announced during NAB, to monitor and quantify specific user behaviors. Viewer-level metrics include development of a viewer profile, visit history, visit summary, play history, play summary, connection summary, activity summary, and quality summary.
Learn more about Akamai's Sola Analytics and see how access to video performance data can help you ensure a higher quality viewing experience across multiple audiences and device types. Sola Analytics provides tools to monitor quality in real-time, gain audience-level insights, and drill down to the individual viewer level to address the most challenging media business issues. Sola Analytics is built on the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM, helping customers propel their media businesses Faster Forward. 

Noreen Hafez is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai.

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This is very interesting stuff. We have been doing research on Video Analytics as well and you can find our findings here: http://ie-video-analytics.blogspot.com.es/

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