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RSA Conference Recap from CSO, Andy Ellis

I want to take the time to thank everyone who connected with Akamai at the RSA® Conference! Whether you just dropped by to pick up some shwag, or got to spend time discussing our Kona Security Solutions, I appreciate that you took the time in your busy schedule to engage with us.

As Akamai's Chief Security Officer, I also get a lot of vendors reaching out to me after a conference, so I apologize for joining that deluge; but I'd like to ask for a simple favor (or four):
    •    If you saw my keynote, let me know if the ideas resonated with you, either via email (aellis@akamai.com) or Twitter (@csoandy). You can read more of my thoughts on those subjects at http://www.csoandy.com/.
    •    If you picked up one of our penguins, please read George the Penguin's story at http://www.securitypenguin.com/. Share a picture of your penguin with @SecurityPenguin on Twitter; George likes to know how his minions are doing!
    •    If you received a copy of Bruce Schneier's book Liars & Outliers, after you've read it, start discussing it - either by blogging about it, or sharing it with your coworkers. You can also check out our review.
    •    I am participating in a webinar with my fellow Akamai security experts on March 28. We will discuss lessons learned at RSA Conference - key trends, takeaways, and best practices. If you are interested, make sure to register.

And, of course, if you'd like to learn more about Akamai's web security solutions, you can read the white papers, view copies of the demos, and see other info at http://akamai.com/html/ms/rsa_conference_2013.html. You can also contact your account team for more information. If you don't have an account team yet, you can call or chat with us - links to do so are available on http://www.akamai.com/.

Thanks, and may you Innovate Fearlessly.

Andy Ellis
, Chief Security Officer
 at Akamai