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A Key Launch: Ad Integration Services

Last week, Akamai launched Sola Ad Integration Services, a cloud-based solution designed to enable targeted, dynamic ad insertion into online video streams on live, linear and VoD content. Why is this so important? The simple answer is a projected $4.14 Billion in ad spending in 2013 that's growing to $8.04 Billion by 2016 according to eMarketer. Reaching your audience when they're viewing their favorite video content across a dramatically growing range of connected devices is essential, and employing ad targeting is now a basic requirement. Delivering both conditions using the best video viewing quality, in a simplified workflow, on an open flexible platform at scale is central to participating in the ad industry's growth.

By developing Ad Integration Services within the Akamai network -- built upon the Akamai Intelligent Platform -- the solution offers reliability and scale matching content, bitrate matching, a simplified client, and many built in feature integrations not available anywhere else.

Akamai's Ad Integration Services solves the many challenges facing the advertising industry by delivering the capacity to monetize HLS connected devices like iPhones and iPads, which are harder to reach but amount to a huge portion of on-line Internet traffic. It delivers customized or personalized advertising that drives higher visitor engagement and ad revenue for publishers. By simplifying the client with ad stitching inside the network and building upon Sola Vision's Stream Packaging, the solution facilitates a better video ad quality that matches the video content for a smooth, TV-like viewing experience. The simplified workflow for content owners has a flexible and open ADS-agnostic platform, giving the choice of working with the Ad Decision Systems and OVP/CIS of their preference. In leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Platform, Akamai's Ad Integration Services is able to offer broadcast-level services with the availability, reliability and extensibility for quality performance at scale!
Akamai will be working with partners to deliver this new and exciting ad stitching solution, like utilizing mDialog's Smart Stream PlatformTM technology and open standards-based architecture, and integrating with the leading real-time encoder vendors including: Cisco, Digital Rapids, Elemental, and Envivo.

With the proliferation of so many new devices, Sola Ad Integration Services solves the challenges facing content owners and advertisers to help them reach their audiences across all their video-connected devices and end-points by monetizing their video streams across live, linear and on-demand content reaching an additional 43% of mobile web traffic.*

*Source: Venture Beat