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Are you a Liar or Outlier, or Both?

Akamai is pleased to host Bruce Schneier at the Akamai booth at RSA® Conference in San Francisco the week of Feb 25th. We will be giving away free copies of Bruce's newest book - Liars and Outliers - and Bruce will be available for signings.  Bruce will be signing copies of his new book Liars and Outliers.  Bruce is both an innovative thinker and a thought leader in the field of security.
Liars and Outliers is an enormously candid book, especially coming from someone who makes his living in the security industry.  In the book, Bruce makes a case that many within the security industry consider dirty secrets:
1)      Security systems are inherently, and will always be, flawed
2)      As technology advances, the ability of threat actors to outpace security innovation will expand
3)      More security is not always beneficial
4)      In order to function effectively, society needs the following pressures, in equal measure, to work in conjunction with security:
a.       Moral
b.      Reputational
c.       Institutional

In the end threat actors will always exist, and in many ways are necessary for the survival of society, much in the way that hawks are a necessary part of the food chain.  This is not to say that Liars and Outliers is fatalistic, or even pessimistic.  It is simply a well-researched, well-written, and entertaining book that comes to the conclusion that the evolution of security, moral, reputational and institutional pressures is a process, not a product-- and that "There is no 'getting it right' - this process never ends."  We couldn't agree more, and are happy to host Bruce Schneier throughout the week at our booth, #1630.

For a complete book signing schedule, visit www.akamai.com/RSAC2013. Please stop by to meet Bruce and get a free signed copy of his book.


I am an owner of Akamai and read the blog regularly. Your recommendation of the book- Liars and Outliers is great. I am a dentist and 65 years old-, and I have really enjoyed seeing how the concepts of the book fit my views and my life.
I remember when the tag line for Akamai was - the Trusted one on the Internet, glad to see you are still working on Trust.

In business there does seem to be a shortage of businesses that work on trust
I always ask myself:
1. Can I trust you?
2. Will you ALWAYS do what you say?

If I don't get a yes to both questions- I move on, whether its a physician or a barber.

Great to hear that you are still a happy owner Tim. Your comments remind me of one of my favorite Warren Buffet quotes: "In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you."
As a new Akamai employee looking to help the company expand and hire, these are words that are worth remembering...