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Advertising, the Super Bowl and Ray Lewis' Greatest Feat

Does anybody realize there's a football (American football, depending upon where you're reading) game being played in between advertisements this Sunday? Perhaps it's the bitter Patriots fan in me talking, but for many, the Super Bowl is more about the ads than the game itself. And why not? It's huge business. The New York Times reported that the average cost for a 30-second spot during this year's game is between $3.7 million and $3.8 million.

Akamai is proud to be delivering Website traffic for a significant portion of this year's Super Bowl advertisers, representing a cross-section of industries and a veritable who's who of global brands. As we've done in the past, we've created the Super Bowl Advertising Index, a near-real-time visualization of aggregated Website traffic for Akamai customers who are advertising during the game. The Index will show total page views per minute to a collection of advertisers' sites that are Akamai customers, and will remain available for two weeks following the game.

Follow @Akmai on Twitter for live updates during the Super Bowl. Also, check out our Social Media Index to see how traffic to a collection of social sites is behaving during the game. Could it be a big play that drives the largest traffic spike; or perhaps a particularly buzzworthy commercial? I'm putting my money on Ray Lewis' post-game levitation above the 50-yard-line before rocketing through the Super Dome roof and off into space.

Chris Nicholson is a senior public relations manager at Akamai.

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