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November Online Shopping Trends

There are so many numbers and figures circulating since the key online shopping day: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.  But what exactly is the data telling us?  

  1. Online Shopping Trends: when consumers come online to begin shopping for the holiday season, including key dates other than those during Thanksgiving weekend. 
  2. Shopping Habits: whether the online consumers are coming online to browse, research or make a purchase or as part of their omni-channel shopping behaviors. 
  3. Key Browsing Hours: some of the page view peaks, as well as the shopping data peaks discussed in my Cyber Monday post, provide insight from where consumers are likely going online: work vs. home.  

Akamai Online Shopping Trends For November:


I want to hear from you.  What patterns did your brand see?  How will you approach 2013 differently? Which metric is the most important to your brand during this holiday season?

Please leave a comment, tweet @Akamai using #AkamaiHoliday, or to me directly @lyss3b. 

Elyssa Duboys is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Akamai


Excellent post shared by you related to online shopping trends.

Trends has been changing for over the years , its high time during festive season , lots of online shopping by various people from all parts of the worlds , online shopping is for sure getting popular.

The shopping trend keeps on changing on regular basis now a days because there is a very stiff competition among online business giants.Thanks for sharing the post.