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Cyber Monday Purchase Behavior Projections

ComScore expects Cyber Monday sales to be up 20% from 2011.  They predict consumers to spend upwards of $1.5 billion today, the Monday following Black Friday & the Thanksgiving holiday.  But what trends can we identify in online consumers' behavior leading up to Cyber Monday in the ADS Data Platform?

Before we dive into 2012 Cyber predictions, let's review the days leading up to Black Friday, a predominantly off-line shopping day.  Those coming online Thanksgiving Day were in Black Friday planning mode.  A 98% growth (compared to an average 2012 fall day) in carting behaviors suggests consumers were coming online in masses to research Black Friday promotions.  A 97% growth in purchasing activities on Black Friday suggests that once consumers exhausted in-store offers they came online to score more goods.  Lelah Manz's Another Hockey Stick Thanksgiving looks deeper into the traffic seen by the Akamai Net Usage Index.

ComScore reported this Black Friday as the first to reach $1.04 billion in online sales, piggy backing the 97% growth in purchasing behaviors.  Projections for Cyber Monday are looking equally promising based on the growth trends seen in the Akamai Data Platform.

Leading up to Cyber Monday, Saturday and Sunday purchasing behavior growth is the most exciting metric to follow.  If patterns identified in 2011 are any indication of what's in store for Cyber Monday, we're expecting to see a record number of purchases in the ADS Data Platform today.  Purchasing growth will most likely exceed 150% (and that's conservative).  The result will be a 25% increase from Black Friday in purchasing activity.

ADS New 1a.png

*Average Fall day consists of September & October averages

In addition to shopping behaviors, our Commerce Strategist, Lelah Manz, is reporting an 11:00AM EST peak in traffic, higher than any other point over the holiday weekend at 7,758,804 page views per minute. In Cyber Monday Set To Be Biggest Test Yet, Manz goes into a deeper dive on what Akamai is seeing on its Net Usage Index and the implications for Retailer sites on what is expected to be the largest online sales day of 2012.  

As reported in my post last week, Turkey or Shopping?, browsing activity spiked on November 7th, a day before the largest spending day in the first half of November.  The growth in browsing behaviors on Sunday, at 44% will surely be a tell-tale sign of reaching, or possibly exceeding ComScore's 20% growth projections in 2012.  

Elyssa Duboys is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Akamai