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Cyber Monday Breaks New Traffic Records

Before we call it a night after a long but exciting day watching the Retail Net Usage Index, I owe you the final details.  Cyber Monday traffic first began to climb early this morning, at 6:00 AM ET, and steadily grew to an early record peak at 11:00 AM.  Traffic held steady at these levels until about 2:00 PM - a much stronger midday than in previous years.  Then shoppers turned away to get some work done before the day's end, headed home from work, and then eventually started coming back online at 7:00 PM.  We then peaked after dinner tonight just before 9:00 PM, with another record-breaking 8,516,582 million page views per minute.  Traffic levels will slowly climb down through the remainder of the evening.

While we expect Cyber Monday to drive the most revenue based on the 3 previous years weekend tallies, what wasn't expected was that this 8.5 mm+ peak would be the highest retail traffic peak in history - 13% higher than Thanksgiving - or that it would drive more volume throughout the day - 16% higher than Black Friday.

Cyber Monday final 1a.png

Given that Cyber Monday is the online day - higher revenues, higher conversions, and now higher traffic too - it is set to be a record breaking Cyber Monday in sales as well, likely exceeding initial projections of 20% revenue growth.  All indicators are strong.  Elyssa reported on the high purchasing activity today - forecasting 25% higher than Black Friday.  IBM also reported early results midday showing a 24.1% jump in sales over last year.  

Now that the peaks have passed, and retail sites can expect to hum along for the rest of the season, the fun begins. Tomorrow we'll wrap up the traffic highlights of the holiday weekend and more shopping behavior insights from our ADS Data Platform. Stay with this blog as we move through to the last free shipping day of the year.  We'll continue to report on traffic trends, but we will also share insider information and best practices from the online retailers who were successful this holiday weekend.  

We'd love to hear your story from this weekend.  Email me at lmanz@akamai.com, tweet @lelahm, or add your comments to this blog post below.