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Cyber Monday 9PM Purchasing Peak 104% Above Black Friday

Reaching a unique cookie conversion rate of 5.1% at the 11PM hour

Morning show broadcasts reported on the hottest Cyber Monday deals at the 9AM EST hour along with many online publications doing the same yesterday morning. But most online consumers didn't need any encouragement to get shopping - most continued with their clicking exercises right through the morning commute.  Early browsing behaviors mirrored those of Black Friday quite closely.  The only clear difference is that consumers chose sleep over shopping as illustrated by the 25% decrease in browsing activities at 12AM.  Additionally, average page views dropped from  14.1 to 11, a decrease of 22% early Monday morning (12AM -4AM). 

While browsing activity is a perfect metric for sales predictions, assuming consumers are researching deals, the shift in purchasing behavior is what puts dollars in online retailer's pockets.  Most retailers utilize Cyber Monday to bring their offline promotions online -a whopping 85% reported by NRF.

Looking at purchasing behavior in the ADS Data Platform, the shift from a predominately off-line shopping day, Black Friday, to one of the largest online shopping days of the year, Cyber Monday is clearly illustrated in the graph below.

ADS CM 2a.png

Midnight purchasing behavior was 12.5% below Black Friday's post off-line shopping sprees.  The shift in Cyber Monday's favor came at 6AM EST at a 32% increase in online purchases as we returned to our post-holiday weekend lives. Lelah also noted that the 6AM hour was the turning point for exponential growth in peak page views.   A slowdown in that growth occurred at 8AM EST hour and resumed at a 32% growth at the 9AM hour.  The short slow-down can be attributed to morning commutes and some tired pointer fingers. (Full disclosure:  I purchase new pair of boots at 8:30AM, the morning commute certainly did not slow me down! )

That slight decrease in purchase activity was the exception to the norm yesterday.  In fact, from 3PM to 11PM, online spending activities were consistently 50% higher than those observed on Black Friday.   Purchasing activity peaked at 9pm, 104% higher than Black Friday at the same hour. 

What time did you make your Cyber Monday purchase?  We'd like to hear more please email helloads@akamai.com, tweet @lyss3b, or add your comments below.  

Elyssa Duboys is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Akamai